Last week I'm driving home and I have the most amazing, super, FUN idea in my head. So immediately I jump online and start searching 'custom stickers'. Because my brilliant idea involves custom stickers. And, I kid you not, the next day, a company called PrintRunner contacts me and wants to know if I'd like to do a giveaway, and by the way, you can review stickers if you'd like! Would I EVER! I'm so excited for both myself and the lucky winner of this giveaway!

 PrintRunner is a full service high quality printing company located in Chatsworth, California. PrintRunner.com was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later the company became one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California.
PrintRunner is your convenient online printing resource!

Details of the giveaway prize: Stickers
Sticker Shape : Standard Stickers
Flat Width : 2"
Flat Height : 3.5"
Quantity : 250
Paper : Premium Sticker Stock
Colors : Full Color ( 4 Color Process), Black and White
Proof : NONE
Ready to Ship In : 3 Business Days
*Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above

for each entry add a comment. Winner will be chosen MARCH 12, 2012

1. REQUIRED: Visit PrintRunner Check out their custom sticker printing services. Tell me what your stickers would be used for!

extra entries:

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3. Follow PrintRunner on Facebook and tell 'em I sent you!
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5. Follow PrintRunner on Twitter!

EASY PEASY!! Good Luck!!!
Thank you to PrintRunner for providing us this giveaway, I will receive a set of stickers for hosting this!



Easy Peasy Valentine Pillow Craft

Each holiday my daughter and I like to make a small gift. Valentines day has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons. It's PINK, ruffly, pretty, all about LOVE and it's not a holiday that you feel forced to give everyone gifts.
This Valentine's day I ordered some tags from Pick Your Plum that had Breckins name with a heart next to it. I cut out some muslin hearts, cracked out all the glitter, modge podge and fabric markers and let the fun begin!
this one is for Breckins step-mom. She made hearts for everyone she could think of, and added lots and lots of glitter to each one...I think our love for glitter is genetic.
Even Ryan got in on the fun
After each heart was decorated, I noticed that she had written, glittered and glued, all the way to the corner. Since there was no seam allowance I cut a matching fabric back and sewed them with outsides together inside of insides together (if that makes sense). I left a small opening and we stuffed the hearts, then I sewed them closed.

She did such a great job! I embroidered her nickname on one and had to add my own kind of glitter. Hidden in the pile is even a heart that reads 'love, mammie' on the back. I couldn't resist giving a baby that is the size of a pea, it's first Valentine's gift!
here is what the backs look like. They each match the person they are going to.

Ryans design was so pretty that I couldn't stand to sew it up. It has my name and Breckins name along the edge and he spent so much time doing it that I think I may have to modge-podge it to a sign or something cool..already, another project in the works!

To make your heart pattern, simply fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of a heart (old school style!) to the size that you want.



long-legged child pants (at last!)

My 9 year old has been growing out of clothes faster than I can keep up. It kind of feels like the twilight zone.
open closet, clothes all too small
open closet and clean out then add larger clothes
open closet, clothes all too small again.
I think that this is normal, and I need to start taking more pictures, she's going to be taller than me before I snap my fingers!
I handed her a pair of sweats to put on after her bath and she came out with highwaters. I packed and gave away six large trashbags packed full of clothes.
In an effort to save some money and to get EXACTLY what I wanted, I went to pinterest and found these:
(picture taken by and property of kojo designs)

I know the tutorial is made for a boy but these are PERFECT for my tall skinny little girl. The tutorial from Kojo Designs is so simple and so very easy to understand. I did have trouble with the waist and had to add a yoga style waist, but this was only my fault for skipping past that part of the tutorial.

Of course she loves them. Even when I mess things up and have to re-sew it 5 times, every time she says "I LOVES THESE MOM!". I'm so darn lucky :)
I left these nice and long...they hang over the foot, and that is A-OK. This way they will last longer since she just seems to be growing UP and not OUT. So pick out your childs favorite pair of jeans and head on over to KOJO'S for the coolest pants ever!!



I'm gonna be WHAT?!?!?

On the day of my high school graduation, I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I had been dating for two years and when I looked out from the stage to see him, in true fashion, he wasn't there. He was golfing. I was so scared to tell my parents, I swear my dad didn't talk to me for months because he was so disappointed. He still helped me move my stuff to a tiny little apartment, but not a word while he was doing. I was so scared, all I had was my parents and a job at the nursing home washing dishes, but I was going to do it, and I was going to try to do my best.
Fast forward exactly 18 years. I am 36 now. The phone rings.

"mom, do you have a minute to talk"
me: "my phone is dying, what's up?"
her: "mom I have to tell you something..."
me: "you're pregnant"
her: "how'd you know???"

Here is where a rush of feelings rush through me. Sad, scared, worried, mad. I do not know what to say to this tiny little girl that grew up before I was ready for her to. I've always made these pictures up of how I want life for everyone to be. I always find this to be a huge mistake, and life is never like that. But with my daughter, it's a very hard pill to swallow. I want college, a road trip with her friends, a man who treats her like a queen. I want time for her to grow up, to find out who she truly is, a successfull career where she doesn't have to find a babysitter. No long nights when the baby has a temperature and keeps throwing up while she worries and cries because this is so scary. Not when she is just 18.
But this little girl, who used to dress the cat in doll clothes and would smear my lipstick on her babydoll when I wasn't looking, she is going to be a mother.
It has been a couple of weeks and I am settled down and am going to focus on this tiny little miracle that will be my grandchild.

I see many, many baby tutorials in the future. She doesn't want to know the sex, so it will all be fit for a boy or a girl...so get ready my sweet little readers...mammie is gonna get to sewing!!!

(I texted Bethanie last night and asked her if I could be mammie. It makes perfect sense, my mom will always be nannie so mammie would be perfect. "mkay" she texts back)