long-legged child pants (at last!)

My 9 year old has been growing out of clothes faster than I can keep up. It kind of feels like the twilight zone.
open closet, clothes all too small
open closet and clean out then add larger clothes
open closet, clothes all too small again.
I think that this is normal, and I need to start taking more pictures, she's going to be taller than me before I snap my fingers!
I handed her a pair of sweats to put on after her bath and she came out with highwaters. I packed and gave away six large trashbags packed full of clothes.
In an effort to save some money and to get EXACTLY what I wanted, I went to pinterest and found these:
(picture taken by and property of kojo designs)

I know the tutorial is made for a boy but these are PERFECT for my tall skinny little girl. The tutorial from Kojo Designs is so simple and so very easy to understand. I did have trouble with the waist and had to add a yoga style waist, but this was only my fault for skipping past that part of the tutorial.

Of course she loves them. Even when I mess things up and have to re-sew it 5 times, every time she says "I LOVES THESE MOM!". I'm so darn lucky :)
I left these nice and long...they hang over the foot, and that is A-OK. This way they will last longer since she just seems to be growing UP and not OUT. So pick out your childs favorite pair of jeans and head on over to KOJO'S for the coolest pants ever!!


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  1. LOVE these- they are adorable on your daughter. And thanks for the write up- wow. :)
    kirstin @ kojo