Easy Peasy Valentine Pillow Craft

Each holiday my daughter and I like to make a small gift. Valentines day has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons. It's PINK, ruffly, pretty, all about LOVE and it's not a holiday that you feel forced to give everyone gifts.
This Valentine's day I ordered some tags from Pick Your Plum that had Breckins name with a heart next to it. I cut out some muslin hearts, cracked out all the glitter, modge podge and fabric markers and let the fun begin!
this one is for Breckins step-mom. She made hearts for everyone she could think of, and added lots and lots of glitter to each one...I think our love for glitter is genetic.
Even Ryan got in on the fun
After each heart was decorated, I noticed that she had written, glittered and glued, all the way to the corner. Since there was no seam allowance I cut a matching fabric back and sewed them with outsides together inside of insides together (if that makes sense). I left a small opening and we stuffed the hearts, then I sewed them closed.

She did such a great job! I embroidered her nickname on one and had to add my own kind of glitter. Hidden in the pile is even a heart that reads 'love, mammie' on the back. I couldn't resist giving a baby that is the size of a pea, it's first Valentine's gift!
here is what the backs look like. They each match the person they are going to.

Ryans design was so pretty that I couldn't stand to sew it up. It has my name and Breckins name along the edge and he spent so much time doing it that I think I may have to modge-podge it to a sign or something cool..already, another project in the works!

To make your heart pattern, simply fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of a heart (old school style!) to the size that you want.


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