Xia-Xia Slumber Party Review and Giveaway #2

When we received the Xia-Xias for review, it was the perfect opportunity for a slumber party! I always say I will let my daughter have friends over for a sleepover, but then life gets busy and I forget.
It's kind of like running. If you just get up and put your shoes on, your good to go. So I made the invitations and put goodies inside of a popcorn box and handed them out before it was too late!

We got Breckin a geode from a rock show and she wanted to save it until the party to break with her friends.

With the assistance of my husband, a towel and a hammer, they fired away. Each took turns until it was smashed.

When I bought the rock the man selling it said it had crystals inside.
we didn't find a single crystal but I think it wore the girls out a little hitting the rock over and over. "It's like a pinata!!" they all said.
Next came the XIA-XIA's!
The Xia Xia pets crabs, pronounced Sha Sha pets are set to be the most popular toy of the year. Already there has been a massive amount of interest in Xia Xia hermit crabs with many retailers building up a huge inventory of these little pet crabs in the anticipated rush.
FROM THE SITE: They either sell out entirely or as stock gets low they become excessively expensive. See the Xia Xia Pets Store for more information and to buy from our recommended supplier.
We love these little Xia Xia hermit crabs for sale at a (currently) low price so we don’t want anyone to miss out.

It takes just a second to figure the little critters out. Each little cutie has a shell which is removable. There are extra shells you can buy so your crab can change shells like we change clothes. The cutest part is that each shell holds two tiny objects (the crabs own version of a travel trailer!). The girls loved the tiny things the most. An eskimo, cup of tea, little man...they all came with different tiny buddies to tote around.

The crabs have a tiny 'on' button under the shell. As soon as you turn them on they GO!! I should have had a faster speed turned on my camera. See the little pink and blue thing running in the corner of the screen? That's a XIA-XIA!!

The playsets that come with the XIA-XIAs are pretty nifty. They keep the crabs at bay and they run around and around through the set. If it weren't for the playsets, these little guys would be all over the place.
I think the one that has they loved the most was the Confetti Cottage. (Currently sold out at toys R us). Breckin has been carrying her XIA's in it and it helps to keep them all together.

The entire time they were playing, all I heard was giggles. They chased my camera and thought it was funny that the XIA-XIAs were so fast! They traded shells and the little buddies that ride in the shells and kept telling me how cute they were over and over. These toys were the perfect thing for our party and kept the girls busy for a very long time.

SO glad we decided to do the slumber party. I never regret doing it once it is over and it's so nice to have all the giggles in the house. I can't count the times Breckin came up to me laughing, and thanked me for all the fun they were having. That is priceless.

The XIA-XIA company gave us all the toys and playsets to play with and review. This is my honest opinion and the reactions of the kids who played with them.


This giveaway is for a XIA-XIA hermit crab and 2 additional shells with acessories.

Random winner will be picked by random.org on 12-03-11.

The winner is....Ashley N.!!! Congrats!!

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Good Luck!



Go & Sew Tutorial Embroidery / Sewing bag Tutorial

I recently started to embroider (my favorite patterns are at: http://www.Sublimestitching.com in case you were wondering. When I get hooked on a new craft I have to go out and get ALL the acessories and hoopla that accompanies that type of craft. So I have a clear and pink box the size of a tackle box and it is chock full of embroidery goodness. I recently discovered, while going on a long trip, that my wonderful tackle box wouldn't be able to accompany me.
I needed something to hold my scissors, hoop with my needlework, needles and my pretty embroidery floss. After searching high and low, I couldn't find a single thing to hold it all. It's important to me to have something that would hold the hoop. When my hoop is not covered or in a bag, it easily gets dirty and if it's a big embroidery piece that takes me a long time, there tends to be a ring on the piece when I am done.
After several ideas and attempts, I came up with the PERFECT thing!!

Introducing, the GO & Sew bag! It easily fits a 6 1/2" hoops, scissors, thread and anything else you need to sew on the go!

Go and Sew Embroidery / Sewing Bag Pattern & Tutorial PDF