Go & Sew Tutorial Embroidery / Sewing bag Tutorial

I recently started to embroider (my favorite patterns are at: http://www.Sublimestitching.com in case you were wondering. When I get hooked on a new craft I have to go out and get ALL the acessories and hoopla that accompanies that type of craft. So I have a clear and pink box the size of a tackle box and it is chock full of embroidery goodness. I recently discovered, while going on a long trip, that my wonderful tackle box wouldn't be able to accompany me.
I needed something to hold my scissors, hoop with my needlework, needles and my pretty embroidery floss. After searching high and low, I couldn't find a single thing to hold it all. It's important to me to have something that would hold the hoop. When my hoop is not covered or in a bag, it easily gets dirty and if it's a big embroidery piece that takes me a long time, there tends to be a ring on the piece when I am done.
After several ideas and attempts, I came up with the PERFECT thing!!

Introducing, the GO & Sew bag! It easily fits a 6 1/2" hoops, scissors, thread and anything else you need to sew on the go!

Go and Sew Embroidery / Sewing Bag Pattern & Tutorial PDF


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