Gastric Sleeve, Here I come!!!!

When I turned 40 I thought that some great revelation would come to me. For some reason I imagined myself being able to suddenly have the willpower to lose the fat that I have been fighting with for most of my life. My 41st birthday will be next month and none of that happened. I finally decided to take the plunge. I had my initial consult with Dr.Keith at Dr.Keiths wellness center in Norman Oklahoma. I will be blogging my progress and any set backs and pray that there is more progress than setback! I have been trusting God a lot more this past year and it has taken me places that I never thought possible. A year ago, I sort of thought I had experienced most of the good things I would be getting out of life, but the more I seek God, the more opportunities I have been given. It is a strange and wonderful thing. 
Staff are amazing, SO friendly! I love this. I weighed in (260) I am 5'9. I spoke with the Dr. He said he did more lap bands than sleeves. I told him I had read a lot of negative things about the band (a LOT). He said that since I lived so far away it would be really in-convenient to get the lap band. The lapband requires coming in every few weeks for a 'fill' or depletion of saline. After visiting with him, the nurse gave me a binder, some lab orders, and I went to the nutritionalist. 
The nutritionalist spoke with me, gave me samples of shakes I will be drinking, calcium chews and a food journal. 
Last week I had a LOT of lab drawn. I got a callback that my iron was low. I asked her how many milligrams to take and she told me I could only buy the iron at Dr.Keiths office 😐  I think this is 
weird but I will see what is so special about the iron formula when I pick it up in two days. 

There is so much that goes along with having Bariatric surgery. Fear, anxiety, happiness...it's a lot like a roller coaster. I have not told a lot of people yet but so far no one has told me I'm 'taking the easy way out'. So far the reactions have been 50/50. Half tell me not to, the other half are excited. Praying that everything works out,and would appreciate any advice!!!


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