I have allowed myself to be sucked in to the wonderful world of monthly subscription boxes! For 3 months I received a fancy cardboard box from www.birchbox.com. The boxes have been okay. I got a bright red stilla lipstick sample and some stinky dry shampoo. My favorite thing of all was a hair tie. Ive lost it. For the week I had it, I loved it. Overall I was dissapointed. One of the supergoop facial lotion samples burned my face so bad..really bad. I left a review but never saw it posted. I noticed all the reviews were basically raving about this thin stinky lotion that burned my face off. So I decided to cancel. I received one more box that had already been paid for and heres what it included:
a dry shampoo, 2 moisturizers. a self tanning lotion (at the end of August) and the tiniest blush you have ever seen. Like the size of a quarter. Try to apply that to a brush. 

So today I received my first Ipsy package. Keep in mond that you get ALL OF THIS for only $10 and that includes shipping. I loved it even before I opened it because it came in a shiny pink package!
Heres what I got:
A full size nail polish
sample blow dry spray
sample of gentle face wash
full size (and amazing) eyeliner
full size (with a color that looks amazing on everyone) lipstick
and the fully functional and oh so cute zippered make up bag!
I hope I save someone a little money and the hassle of wasting their time on the stinky, burning, tiny samples from birchbox. Unless you like pretty boxes better than full size makeup, the decision is an easy one. 

As a sidenote, I do get birchbox man for my husband. It is $20. I love and steal the gadgets but will probably be cancelling. All of the samples are tiny and they stink. 

Do you disagree? Have you found a monthly box you are addicted to? I would love to know!! 

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