DIY IPad Stand Made With License Plate

Technically this could be a nook stand. It can be a kindle stand or a pencil stand or any kind of e-reader stand. Another invention has been born as a result of my laziness and cheapness. We use the iPad a lot when watching videos for school and nothing worked to hold it up. Here's how I did it:
I made a template out of the license place and marked the places that needed bent. Here are the bends for a standard license plate:
Bend BACK at 4"
Bend UP at 8 1/2"
Bend UP again at 10"

There are several ways this can be bent. My way is always to give my plan to my husband and let him figure out. He told me that the easiest way is to use pliers and a hammer while the plate is sitting in a vice. For those who have no vice just sitting around, you can use a cement step and hammer it down to bend. 

This is a side view. It really does work great for our iPad. I thought of making one of those iPad pillows but I really think that this is much sturdier. We have a life proof case on our iPad and most stands require you to remove it before it fits. This was the perfect solution for us and I hope it is an easy fix for others with the same problem! Please comment or pin if you made one yourself. Enjoy!

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