Printable Pet Shop Money Game


My daughter loves playing pretend store. I decided to combine something she loves with something we need to learn. This game can be played so many ways. I suggest printing each page on cardstock and laminating them. You can then cut them into 'cards' and use them over and over. The price tags were left blank so you can add the amount you think is appropriate. Please pin and let me know if you use this game, I hope you enjoy it!

Print page 3

A few ideas:

Print several copies of page 2 (the animals) off. Give each animal a name so you have more animals in your pet shop.

Exchange places with your child. Be the 'buyer' for a turn and then be the store owner.

Make coupons (ex.  $5.00 off of 2 dogs or $0.75 off of 2 cat brushes) For a more advanced game.

Make a tiny 'pet shop' out of a small box and place the pieces in the box so you can take it anywhere.



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