School Days...

I'm sitting in my car waiting to pick up my neice from school. The high schoolers are running around the school...doing laps...around and around. A group of girls jogs by with their teacher next to them and about five minutes later, a heavier girl, having problems, trying her damndest to keep going. I want to get out and jog with her. I want to cheer her on and tell her that she's not alone and that life won't always suck. Just seeing all of this can bring back 25 years instantly. I have been that girl. I have been the last one picked for everything and I have felt the humiliation of it all. I was very lucky in high school that one of the 'popular' girls chose to bring me under her wing. Because of her, I was included in sleepovers and not sitting by myself at dances. I hope someday I can re-pay her for making me feel important. It is no surprise that she is a school counselor now and still standing up for the kids who really need that extra support. I wish every school could have an Ann. I hope I have the confidence to be an Ann after my surgery. I want to be able to put my wing around other people and smile and say, "Everything is going to be fine!"  
Tomorrow should be my last dietician consult and testing before its all turned into insurance. Praying it all goes well and staying up at night worrying about a lot of things I can't control. I hope that is normal. I think it is 🙂


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