No Halloween at the Halls...

Every year when October rolls around my stomach gets a little queasy. We do not celebrate Halloween. In the small town I live in, you'd think it was the biggest sin ever. In a world that is becoming more accepting of everything, you'd think that people could care less wether I dress my child up and get loads of candy. But it seems that it bothers them. A LOT.
I just don't like it. For my own reasons. Perhaps if the holiday were more pink, like Valentine's day, I would be a little more into it. But I'm not. Each year my kids have told their classmates that they do not 'do' Halloween and each year they are made fun of because of it. When the class parties come around I will let my daughter skip school and we will go shopping or just have a mom/daughter day. Our town is so small that we never have trick-or-treaters so we just hang out and watch a movie. My 9 year old is just not in to candy...she'd rather have an apple or a mango instead of a candy bar anyway....I'd love the candy but I certainly do not need the temptation in the house. My 17 year old daughter does what she wants regarding Halloween, and that's okay. She didn't go trick-or-treating a single time, and besides the kids being down-right mean, I think she's gonna live.
It has been my experience in the past 17 years, that some people refuse to just let it go. Some like to try to humiliate me in front of others by asking me why I don't celebrate in front of others. Mostly I feel sorry for my daughter when this happens. I just don't think I should have to justify myself.  Never have I seen a child get harrased so much over such a ridiculous thing. Can a person just live life, and if my life doesn't COPY theirs, does it have to be such a big deal?? Should I ask them why they don't go to the gym, or why they don't make whiffle every Christmas like I DO???
I've never talked about it before or explained it to anyone....so what better than a public blog to just let it all out. I'm not hurting anyone, my daughter will NOT suffer because she didn't get a pumpkin full of candy and life will still go on.....

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  1. I am sorry people are mean. It is not anyone's business if you celebrate or not. If people are willing to judge or harass you than they are not people worth spending your time with. :)