My Secret Obsession - PICK YOUR PLUM

Each morning, I roll out of bed, get my daughter off to school and then I run to my laptop.
Wait, it's not weird yet.
Then I go to this one site....and I push refresh OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
I see the new beautiful craft they have to offer for the day and my mind goes CRAZY thinking about all of the wonderful things I will make!! Tiny clothespins?? They will look darling holding up an advent item! Wooden tags?? I can paint them and give them out in Christmas cards!!
My husband has come to terms with the fact that he can't talk to me until after I've scored the loot. I'm like a crazy woman...I just DON'T WANNA MISS OUT!!
If you're the crafty type...the 'I can make that!' and never come out of hobby lobby empty handed, you must check the site out!
Here is just a small example of the booty I have received from there. You can get customized ribbon, custom vinyl, diy earrings, bookmarks, chalkboard, the site really offers a lot of variation.
The 'catch' to this site is that the product is only available for the day (m-f). And there are a LOT more people like me that just can't get enough, so the product goes FAST! A lot of the time everything goes in a couple of hours. If you need to be reminded when they stock you can join their facebook page. Let 'em know I sent ya.....but don't tell your husband it was me!
Want even more craftiness? VeryJane.com and GroopDealz.com also offer crafty goods for a short amount of time at a discounted price. These sites are great for customized gifts also.


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