Mail Call! Fabric Envelope

I have this AMAZING AUNT. I can remember when she went on vacation, I usually got to go to. My parents weren't very adventurous and didn't like to go anywhere outside of a 200 mile range. Going places with her and my cousins was always an adventure. I love my aunt SO MUCH. She is my second mother. Every year for birthdays and holidays, the kids and I get a handmade card and sometimes a tiny trading card will fall into our hands as we open the card. She is SO talented, and I keep every little thing she makes because it is so amazingly beautiful. I was thinking how I haven't done anything special for HER in a very long time. Nothing says "I love you" like handmade. I keep seeing fabric postcards all around the internet and wanted to take it one step further. This envelope is a little smaller than a large manilla envelope. It was so fun to make. I used paint,  tulle, muslin, woven cotton, glitter, modge podge and ribbon. The "You are loved" on the back is a piece of twill I wrote on. After it dried I added modge podge and glitter. I then sewed two pieces of tulle over the top. It looks pretty swanky in real life!
I put a 'patch' of muslin on the right upper side for the stamps.

Instead of a zipper or resin snap I made the envelope with ties. I tied them in little tiny bows and tucked them inside of the envelope.

Next time I will use a zipper and tack it into place so that no one opens it before it is delivered. I really thought the mail lady would flip out and tell me about some sort of regulation that I didn't follow. Instead, she smiled really big and told me how pretty it was. It was only $1.30 to mail :) I'm not sure if it arrived safely or not but it was SO FUN to make. I will definitely be doing this again!


  1. These are beautiful! I love vacations!New follow!

  2. this is just beautiful Gift Card envelopes..i might need it.thanks you share it with us.

  3. These are beautiful cards....i like them & wish you for it.
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