Birthday Board and How-To

True Story: I texted my sister in law and told her to give my one and only nephew 'LOTS OF BIRTHDAY KISSES'. Then I realized that his birthday isn't for 2 more days....
I'm pathetic when  it comes to remembering important dates! I saw the cutest birthday board on Pinterest and couldn't resist making my own.
I was going to take pictures for a tutorial but it is really so simple it's easier just to explain.
I started with a scrap piece of wood I found at my moms house (My hoarding of crafts does help out sometimes). I sanded and painted my beautiful board. For the graphic I printed off this amazing picture onto fabric and then mod podged it onto the board. I can't resist a little pink so I dabbed pink onto the edges then sanded the edges down for a shabby look. A final layer of clear spray paint adds a little shine.
For the tags I had some new ones from last Christmas left over. I dunked them in vanilla flavoring for about 15 minutes then I baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes. The tags come out all warped so I stack them in between foil and put something heavy on them until they flatten out and cool down.
Not sure that it matters but I put everyones birthday on the tags with Sharpies new paint pens. I swear I've used them every day since my daughter unwrapped them on her birthday :)
The knob I bought at lowes. I am NOT savvy with electric tools so I super glued it to the board and let dry overnight. I used twine to hang the tags and think it turned out pretty swanky! I will be making these for Christmas since they are basically free to make and super cute!

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  1. Cute idea, well done! Pink was a perfect choice for the edge color.