Pencil Case Party Favors

My daughters birthday flew around (as always, too quickly!) and she hadn't been feeling good all week. The doctor told us that she couldn't attend p.e., ride her bike or do any running or strenuous activity. I have been promising her a slumber party but we had to postpone it since she was sleepy and it wouldn't be much fun having a party when she didn't feel good. So I promised that we would have the slumber party later, saved all of the things I had made and bought for it and decided to send cupcakes and party favors to her class so that everyone could at least KNOW it was her special day!
After scouring pinterest for ideas on party favors I decided I didn't want to make or send sugary sweets or junky toys which usually get thrown away a couple days later. I decided to make pencil holders!

I would post a tutorial but there are hundreds of pencil case tutorials on the internet already. It really is such a simple project! I added a loop to them so that they could be hung up. We are CONSTANTLY losing pencils at home, so I thought this would be a convenient way to keep track of them for homework time.

I made the teacher one also. The fabric was a yummy baby lulu velvet that I've been hoarding for a special ocassion. She is really the best teacher alive, and nothing is too good for this super woman. It doesn't show up as beautiful as it is :) Instead of candy, I stuffed the bags with pencils, a crazy straw, fruit roll ups and other useful things. For the label I printed a cute little owl saying to match the bags.

After school one of the girls in class ran up to me and asked me, "HOW DID YOU MAKE THOSE? I LOVE IT!". It seems they were a real hit and the teacher had them leave the cases in class to keep track of their pencils. Maybe everyone will remember my sweet girl everytime they grab a pencil!

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