Skort Love!

My usual running atire has been sweats or the tight pants made with lycra. I know they didn't look good but they helped 'hold it all in'. I tried running in shorts but my legs are not, in any way, thin... and I chafed. So I noticed a friend running in skorts...the most attractive thing about her skorts were that they were WHITE. The ugly pants I've been wearing are black and they are so very hot.
So without hesitating, the next time I saw a Hibbets I trucked myself in, and threw some medium Nike skorts next to the register. I ALMOST passed out when the total was over $50 but I really wanted to try them. I usually do not spend a lot on fitness things but lately I'm shelling out a little more because comfort really is priceless.
Oddly enough, the same week I bought the skorts I found this article on skorts helping a track team to run faster. After I brought them home and the Mediums FIT, there was no way I was taking them back. Now that I've been wearing them I am in L-O-V-E! The compression shorts inside of the skort help to hold it all together and I'm not constantly worried about my thighs because they are covered by the skort. When I have some extra cashola I am buying more and hoping to find a pink pair because white is such a hard color for me to keep white! So I thought I would share my new obsession and hope that they help you as much as they help you....and if they help us run faster, that'd be pretty cool too!

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  1. I know this is an older post, but I just had to agree with your obsession for the skorts.

    I remember a couple of years ago when I first was introduced to them.
    I bought a pare and have loved them ever sense.
    I did not have a white pare for the same reason you shared.
    Luminess Air