Abs Diet for Women

My trainer suggested this book and (as always) it was awesome. ABS DIET stands for the foods that it suggests you eat. It isn't a calorie counting 'diet' but I'm keeping track for a while anyway just to make sure I don't get out of hand. The most exciting thing is that you get a 'cheat' meal once a week...this excites me. I've been doing it a week and have lost two pounds. I thought that eating my cheat meal of enchiladas, a peach bellini and a piece of cheesecake that I would be at least a few pounds heavier, but the scales actually showed no change the next day. Very exciting, this is a way of eating that I really believe I can stick to forever...the one thing I would suggest is getting the actual book. I got it on my nook and it's too hard to try to find a certain recipe or exercise. So I found the book itself in the bargain section of a book store and it's nice to be able to bookmark and highlight real pages.

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