Glow Jars & Googly Eyes

Finally!! The end of July and our schedules came together and Breckin is finally HOME from visiting her dad for the summer. We packed up our tiny camper and headed out for the weekend!
I wish I could take the credit for these magical little jars but I cannot. I've seen the idea online at several places. Find a jar with a lid (I bought these at walmart for $2) then get glow sticks from the dollar store. I also bought a pair of scissors for a dollar since I don't take scissors camping with me :) We clipped the tops off of the glow sticks and then put the glow juice into the jars. Then shake shake shake.
We didn't. Even though the glow juice is nontoxic it STINKS and is oil based so it stains clothes and takes forever to completely get the smell off of hands.
I'm blonde. The more I lose the braver I become at trying new things. Perhaps not the best decision I've ever made but it's sure fun changing things around. After being home I realized that not a single time did I worry about being too fat or too embarrasingly ugly to do anything. I just jumped on the boat, swam when my daughter wanted to and LIVED. I brought two swimsuits with me and one suit I couldn't wear because it fell off of me when I put it on.
 Google eyes has got to be the smartest idea ever. If you reach the 'I'm bored, what can I do?' stage of the trip, just crack out a package of stick on google eyes and watch all of the funny places the eyes end up at. So cute, and you've gotta wonder what the tenants after you leave will think when they come to camp at your site!

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