Luminess Air Review

Foundation has always been a big deal for me. I had bad acne as a teenager and it left a lot of scarring. I have literally tried every type there is. Heavy cream foundation caused more acne and sweats off in the summer. More affordable drug store foundation accentuates the scars and does not cover at all. Mineral foundation doesn't cover well and makes me feel like I have cakey dirt on my face. What I've been using for the last few years is Estee Lauder double wear foundation. It is $35 and lasts about a month. It does have good coverage but it rubs off on everything and everyone. In the summer time it only stays on a couple of hours and looks gross and oily. 

After seeing the Luminess Air on GMA for only $89 with promotion code GMA50 on Good Morning America http://www.luminessair.com/gma I immediately ordered it! The regular price was $179. (I do not know when this will expire so get one soon if you are wanting one!) Being the girly girl that I am, I have ALWAYS wanted to try this. I chose the free shipping option, which, the site states it takes 4 weeks to receive. My set only took 2 weeks to receive.
I tan a lot and thought I was pretty dark so I chose the 'tan' option. There are four options for color choice.
My package arrived and I was giddy to try it but had to go to my daughters school function so I couldn't do it until that evening. The packaging is pink and swanky. It feels like Christmas unwrapping it all. I watched the dvd which is short and to the point, and then I got started!
The two 'tan' colors are VERY dark. I still couldn't wait to try it so I put some drops in the machine and started spraying. The coverage is really amazing. In the video, it instructs you to use 3-4 drops.Because of all of the scaring, it takes me a lot more than that many drops. I have to do at least 3 'layers' which takes about 15 drops all together.
I called customer service to see if I could order a lighter shade. She was super nice and is sending me a lighter color for FREE!!
Luminess has a 'club' you can join which is just an autoship of the product for a discounted price. I will definitely be joining this and will get a large bottle of foundation for $38. Since it's summer time and I'm more oily during that time, I'm going to be starting off with 'matte'.

****  while writing this post I noticed that the Today show was doing a promo on the luminess tanning set https://www.luminesstan.com/TodayShow/SelectSystem.aspx for $68.50 regular price $193.50
 code: TanTODAY  ****

I love this part, it's like Jerry Springers 'parting opinion'. I feel like I'm sitting in the front of the stage on my wooden stool right now.

* LOVE the system. I read a lot of bad reviews on this and I really don't understand why. A couple of people said that it broke them out.

* After just a week I can say that my skin is a lot clearer and smoother. I've officially switched from the estee lauder to the luminess.

* The bronzer is so pretty and looks amazing with just a few drops. It does take a lot of the foundation for the coverage I want, but I need a lot and expected that.

*Even if you 'tan', the tan is a little too dark. They send two different shades but the tan was really dark and super dark. You are supposed to be able to mix the colors to achieve the perfect shade. If you are like me and choose the wrong color, they do send you a shade lighter for FREE which is super cool.

* On the infomercial, they show coverage of dark scars. I have none, so we tried covering a dark scar on my husbands hand. Even he was impressed of the coverage. After about four coats the scar could not be seen. The makeup really does look natural and does not look like foundation at all!

* The only thing I would recommend is a super pale or almost white 'base' so you can mix it with the darker colors in the winter when skin is lighter. This would also help when you have lots of darker colors from not choosing the right color the first time. If I could just mix my 'tan' with some white/light drops, it would be perfect and would save everyone money.

I'm dying to try the tanning spray for a safer option than the tanning bed. It looks awesome!! It will be my next luminess purchase!

If you've been considering this, buy it while it's at this price, it's so worth it!!!
would love to know how you like it!!

*This is my own opinion. I was not compensated by Luminess Air , the Today shor or GMA in in way shape or form*



  1. Very classy but not so expensive makeup kit and it provides more than it's worth.


  2. I am with you on this.
    I have read a few negative reviews and don't know why.

    I use Luminess Air and love it. It has saved my skin.

    I'm not really into the tanning thing so I cannot vouch for that, but everything else seems to be great.

    I have found some other good things about the Luminess Air Makeup System that far out-way any negs.

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