10 ways to get through a boring treadmill workout

I'm pretty much an elliptical girl. I really don't like the treadmill. There's no real motion and a minute usually feels like 30. Sometimes, however I walk it. If I have a little knee or back pain or want to take it a little easier than the elliptical. I also hit the treadmill when I'm REALLY tired and lazy but KNOW that I must get some sort of cardio in for the day.

Here are some tricks I've been trying to make the hour go by a little faster.
As we all know, I am not a trainer, doctor or any type of fitness expert. Some people only focus on their bodies, the muscles they want to target, and their breathing. If I did this, I wouldn't last 2 minutes. My breathing is quite boring, and if I'm running on the treadmill it is similar to the sound of an elephant. I don't want to focus on that.

1. Make a new music list on your mp3 and only let yourself listen to it when you get on the treadmill. This is kind of an exciting little reward. Download a lot...you have an hour.

2. Text everyone you know. I do this a lot. When I'm texting I'm not paying attention to how long it's taking and I get to catch up on how everyone is doing.

3. Bring a friend to the gym. I know this isn't do-able most of the time, but when I've got someone there to gossip for an hour, it is the BEST!

4. Bring your nook/ipad and watch a movie! I haven't done this yet. Just found out that I can download movies from paramount pictures for my device and I'm gonna try it.

5. Play games on your device. I just saw this yesterday. A lady was playing a tetris-type game. I kept wondering why I haven't thought of that! She also played cards on her ipad. Too cool.

6. Read a book. It can be a book on your device or if you like to read real books (like me), just take a thin headband with you to the gym and wrap it around your book and the treadmill. This keeps the book open and keeps it from falling.

7. Watch tv. This one works well when there's something good on. When I forget my ipod sometimes I put it on vh1 or mtv so that I can get music in and see all the inspirational and very toned people in the videos.

8. SPEAK POSITIVE! yes, it sounds weird. I find myself talking to myself a LOT on the treadmill. Like the picture above, I wonder every second when it's going to END. Speak positive though, tell yourself how awesome you are for getting an hour in, figure out what clothes you want to fit into this summer. The negative thoughts try to creep in, just tell 'em to zip it.

9. While you are walking, clench your glutes a little bit as you step. And try flexing your abs when you think about it too. When I do this my butt is a bit sore the next day, but at least I feel like I've done something.

10. While you are doing any of the above, set mini goals. Tell yourself you can quit after just 15 minutes. When that time is up, make it just 15 more. By the time you are at 45 there's no reason to quit there, might as well get 15 more in!! Slowly but surely....get that cardio in!!!


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  1. Speaking and thinking positively is life changing. These are really motivating and fun things to do. Sadly, I live in a state that rains every 5-6 days a week so a treadmill is more practical and safe.

    Base off of http://www.whatisrightforme.com/treadmill/

    Livestrong would be my ideal treadmill. Have you tried this brand Lacey?

    Stay amazing!