Yonanas review and honest opinion

For a very long time I had been wanting a yonanas. The promise of changing a boring 'ol banana into ICE CREAM was quite wonderful to this once morbidly obese girl. I did a lot of searching and reading online and a lot of reviews complained of the price of shipping. I cannot find the shipping cost on the yonanas site or online. My husband just happened to see one in a cooking store and I saw that as a sign that I must have it. So we toted our wonderful new toy home.

Since I have had the machine for four months now, I think that I can give my honest opinion.
I've only used it twice.
For me, one banana is all I need in a day. I know that bananas are healthy but they are also high in calories. To make a single serving of yonanas you need at least three bananas. Approx. 170 calories and 40 carbs in one banana. So one serving is 510 calories. Honestly for that I'd rather have some cookies or some REAL ice cream. In the yonanas defense, they do provide a recipe book that I made none of. It was really just adding ingredients after you pushed the bananas through. The one good thing about this monster machine is that it IS easy to clean. So after realizing how many calories I threw into my face so easily, I put it away.
The second time I cracked out the machine was for my daughter. She is 9. When I handed her the bowl, she picked up a spoonfull and made a funny face. She took a bite, told me it tasted 'gooey' and set it down, saying she'd eat more later (which she didn't). And so, our big machine sits on a shelf in the kitchen until our next yard sale. I hope that no one thinks I'm a meanie for posting my honest review, but I wish I would've realized and known all of this before I shelled out $70. I don't like how many bananas it takes, my daughter doesn't like the texture and my husband doesn't want to have to wash the machine when he's done. So it's a no go for us.

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  1. Hi. I just got one for Christmas. I've used it four times. Each time I make one bowl/serving I use only 1 bananna. Once the bananna is frozen I break it in half. I put half the bananna through first, then add some frozen berries, then finish by adding the other half of the bananna. Works great. Hope this helps you to maybe get more use out of yours.