Coming Out About VSG.

One thing I have failed to understand on my weight loss journey is why the subject is so taboo. For every blog and tweet and post I see of people's journeys, I also know of people who are choosing to keep their success a secret. There are so many reasons why. Fear of failure, not wanting to brag....fear of being told it is the easy way out. It's ok for people to post pictures of vacations and graduations and anniversary pictures and a new haircut...yet if we post about losing a significant amount of weight, the response is usually crickets. What most people do not see is all of the private messages and texts. "How did you do it?" "how do I get started?". 
Having bariatric surgery is very similar to childbirth. We are tested and poked and prodded....then put on special diets. We research and learn about the procedure. We buy vitamins and protein shakes in anticipation of our new baby stomachs. When we get home we are sore. We drink from tiny cups and gradually graduate to tiny bowls with tiny spoons. Our lives transform, our body's become much smaller. Relationships change, attitudes change, our self-esteem begins to grow. 
In essence, our decision has hopefully added many QUALITY years to our lives. 
Obesity is an epidemic, and we are over-coming. We are stronger and healthier. Why should we hide that just so others won't feel 'uncomfortable'? 
Here is a secret about having bariatric surgery. WE SHOULDNT HAVE TO KEEP IT A SECRET. Of course the surgery has risks. SO DOES OBESITY. 
If you don't agree with what we have done, just scroll on. No one tells you that they don't like the color of the brand new car you just bought. We don't get up in arms and debate the safety ratings of it and tell you how many people die in car wrecks every year. Why should losing weight in an attempt to better our lives be any different?? 
I hope that I have put a spin on the way that people think about bariatric surgery. If you have always been skinny and do not comprehend the struggle, good for you. Hating on someone because they are choosing health doesn't make much sense to me. 
Next time someone opens up their heart and tells you that they've had bariatric surgery, recognize the life-long struggle. They are not bragging or trying to annoy you. They are showing you that they choose LIFE and are hoping to encourage someone else.

It's time to come out!! Show us your pictures, and stories! Be proud of who you are and what you have done! No more cowering and hiding from the world! Educate and empower!!


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