Hammer Softie Pattern & Tutorial

I instantly fell in love with the plush hammers I kept seeing pop up on Pinterest. There were several different places selling them. I couldn't WAIT to get one for my new grand-daughter for Christmas! This little girl just makes me SMILE. I'm so in love with her I just can't stand it! Every single place that sold the cute little plushies was a big red SOLD OUT. So I did what any other grandma would do. Wait it out? Be patient until after Christmas?? NO WAY! This mammie made her own pattern and made the baby her very own! It did take a while to get the pattern right. Here's how I did it:
You Will Need:
cotton fabric scraps
sewing machine or needle and thread
optional squeaker
Until I figure out how to put a pdf on the page, simply right click and hit 'fit to page' then PRINT.
When you print off the pattern you will see a dotted line. Use this line to seperate your top piece from your bottom piece.
Cut 2 of the top piece and 2 of the bottom piece.
Sew the bottom and top to both sides and iron

Put the two sides right sides together and sew all the way around the hammer leaving the bottom of the hammer open.
Turn inside out and iron.
This part is kind of tricky. Roll the handle part of the hammer halfway down to make stuffing the hammer easier. Use a LOT of stuffing. You want the hammer to be very solid, not all soft like a teddy bear. I stuffed the right and left side (top) of the hammer very solidly. I then squished up the squeaker and pushed it up to the top center of the hammer. You can place it in the head of the hammer, the side, wherever you would like. I then placed even more filling all around the squeaker so it wouldn't show. Add filling until you are at the very bottom of the hammer. Turn fabric into the handle of the hammer and sew closed. I added a bow to the babies hammer just to add a dash of cute. You can also just use one piece of fabric but I liked the contrasting fabric look.
***Feel free to use this pattern to make or sell as many as you'd like. PLEASE at least let me know that you like it though. It did take a lot of time and trial and error to finally perfect, and a little comment would be appreciated***



  1. This is adorable! I'm going to try making one for a friend who is having a boy soon.

    The only problem is that when I right click on the picture, my computer doesn't give me the "fit to page" option. :(

  2. Thank you for the great tutorial! Lani.. I copied and pasted into my paint program and printed from there.