On Facebook Strike

The other day I ran across an article talking about facebook. It talked about 'faking' it on facebook. About posting a happy facade on facebook and not portraying what really happens. Have you ever done something so you could brag about it on facebook? I'm sure I have. So, I have decided to limit my time and actually live life instead of trying to make it look glamorous. In a way I think I just post the good things because I want to be as positive as I can about things. It doesn't help to always complain. I get on ocassionaly but just to see what friends are up to and to see if my daughter (who lives 300 miles away) has posted any updates on her own life. But no more checking facebook when I'm out with the family and at work and out with the hubby. No more "my husband is the BEST"....he is the best, but there are also the not so fun times when I want to strangle him. Isn't that normal though? Goodbye constant posts to facebook and telling the entire world where I am everytime I go somewhere. Goodbye to letting it run my whole day when someone posts something that makes me mad. And hello life..it's nice to see you again.

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