And sometimes it sucks....

I tried to make it a goal to write every single day but now I'm realizing this isn't feasible. This week has been so stressful. My youngest daughter went to spend 3 weeks with her dad and I had to take my mom for a brain and neck MRI today. Both of these things happening at once really scare me so what do I do? I gained 8 lbs in 3 days. I really think this is water weight, but we shall see. Today so far I had 1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast, then I drove mom to the scan, sat there for 3 hours and then drove directly home because she was so sick. So I ordered a grilled chicken snack wrap on the way home. I haven't looked up the calories yet but I'm sure I'm still under my 1200 cals for the day. Part of me felt bad for having to get sonic but the other part of me just needed some FOOD and that's the healthiest thing I saw. I'm not TRYING to mess up. But sometimes the week will suck and that's alright because just because I'm living a healthier life doesn't mean it's a perfect life :) This weekend I will be working a 16 hr shift on both days...so I need to plan plan plan! Crossing my fingers that hubby makes it home in time so we can go see a movie before the crazy weekend begins!!

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