The 10 keys to my progress (thus far)

Before I begin...please note that I have been at this for a year...it has been a hard year, and like everyone else I have had major struggles. There were times I would write down what i ate in my journal and then later I would eat more and not write it down. You are not even fooling yourself when you do this. I once missed 5 days of working out in a row and I had a party each day but only little debbie and duncan hines were invited. For others who have lost weight, I would LOVE to know your '10 keys'. If someone would have given me these keys a long time ago, it would have been really helpful. But maybe someone did and was just too stubborn to listen.

1. GOD
 ~ I believe that everything in my life is governed by God. I believe he has a plan for my life and that with him, ALL things are possible. I do not always make the best decisions, but I know that I am forgiven. When I am working out really hard I have 'workout tourettes' but I'm trying to clean my potty mouth.

 ~ between me and the world, he has had a tough past with most of his girlfriends cheating on him. About midway through (kinda like now) my journey to my goal, he became very insecure. One day we had a talk, and I explained to him that I was doing this for my health, and to feel better and be a better wife. Sometimes he wigs out a little if I get attention, because we aren't used to that, but lately he has been telling me how proud he is and there have been a couple of times he's wanted me to go with him places to 'show me off'. I should take that as a degenerating remark, but I don't. I will admit that there are times I'd like to strangle him when he eats pizza in front of me...and once I threw a fit until he threw away the ice cream, but that's alright, because sometimes you need to stick up for your health. If times are getting a little rough between you and your significant other, I reccomend a nice, long talk. Explain why you are doing this and that they have absolutely nothing to worry about and many MANY things to look forward to.

 ~ There have been times when I knew deep down that he wanted to strangle me, I just know it. I try not to dump my emotional garbage on him a lot but when life has really thrown me a hard punch I knew I could trust him to help me through it without eating my woes away. If you can afford a trainer, try it. I was super lucky and found the best, there are lots of good ones out there...be sure to find the one that fits you...if a trainer throws you on the treadmill for half an hour, that's a sure sign to keep moving on. I suggest just getting a few sessions at first to try the trainer out before shelling out a lot of money.

 ~ When i first started (by myself) I would go to the gym every single day and do one hour on the treadmill and one hour on the elliptical. i did not weight training...didn't even know what that was. I later learned that doing only cardio for longer than an hour a day does nothing but eat away muscle. There are hundreds of sources online regarding schedules, exercies and routines...it just took me 36 years to realize this.

 ~ It sucks, it does. I'm one of those people who wants everyone to like me and I really want to be accepted. Facebook used to be really important to me until I would post positive quotes and pictures and would get snide and rude comments. There's a tiny 'do not show any posts by this user' button, and I use it frequently. If you have not found out yet, you will. Strangers will usually treat you very nice (ecspecially the opposite sex) but people who were your best friends, and even family, will say snide things, be rude about your weight loss and eating, or simply ignore the fact that you are shrinking. Your circle of friends will evolve, and that's okay. It's just sad sometimes. But you must do what is right for you and listening to a bunch of 'friends' complain, whine and put you down will not help you on your journey to healthy.

 ~ by Maxwell Maltz. My trainer recommended this book and I can honestly say it has changed my way of thinking and of living. It is written by a plastic surgeon who noticed that even when they had surgery, a lot of his patients still 'felt' odd and un-accepted. I had to read it very slowly for everything to sink in and in total silence because it's so much to understand. I'm reading it for the second time and think that it will always be a staple that I run to when things get rough.

 ~ http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ this is something that I just recently found. The people and support on here are ammmaazziinngg! you post your exercise, weight, measurements and best of all you post every single thing that jumps into your mouth. You can give it a daily goal and it adds all the calories and important nutrients up for you. My favorite thing about this is that there is a mobile app for this, so even when I'm not at the computer I can add my food. There is an extensive list of foods and so far all the foods I have eaten have been in the database. I know I'm reaching rambling but when you exercise or when you end your eating for the day, it will post to all of your friends. And these very awesome friends will comment and tell you how great you are doing, and to keep it up...I'm a real positive re-inforcement type of gal, and for me this is priceless. This site is completely free!

~ Another huge mistake I made while working out for my 2 ridiculous hours a day was that I didn't eat hardly anything. This does nothing to help the metabolism or the body. There is no reason to beat your body up because it got fat because you wouldn't stop eating. I had to learn this the hard way. Water should be my number 2 on this list because I honestly believe the more water I drink, the faster I lose weight. I have learned that it is all about substituting similar foods. Instead of mayonaise I use greek yogurt (swear i don't notice a difference). If I have a hankering for mac and cheese, brown rice works for me. And in the evenings, when I feel like I might die if I don't eat, I have some sugar free jello or low cal popcorn.

 ~ yes, I'm talking about using the restroom. If you are not having a bowel movement every day, an over the counter fiber pill or metamucil should be taken. This is something no one ever told me either. I just started chewing two of the fiber discs every evening and FINALLY the weight is coming off again. 3 days is too long. If food isn't coming out, then three days of all the food you ate is still sitting in your body. I am NOT suggesting a laxative AT ALL. That can be a dangerous habit, and if the problem is that bad, please chat with your doctor.

~ People, poems, pictures, ideas. There are pictures, poems and goals all around me. On my fridge, next to my bed, hanging on the walls, everywhere I go. And if you are lucky enough to meet some positive people in real life, or in the cyber world...hang around them for a while and see how much it helps you to stay on track! This truly is a journey of discipline, and the more 'positive' you have around you, the more succesfull and happy you will be!!

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